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Why you need to Choose the Best Bed Bug Inspection Company
Posted At: September 5, 2014 1:08 PM | Posted By : admin

Who you decide to use for a bed bug inspection and bed bug extermination is very important.  Bed bugs ARE different.

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Bed bugs have been the talk of the town lately. They're tough to wipe out, and homeowners are desperate to get rid of them.

Finding out the extent of your situation is important before proceeding.  Some pest control companies will “treat” an entire house just in case there are bed bugs.But, if a room does not have bed bugs; then why pay for bed bug elimination if there is nothing to remove?Of course, if your entire home has bed bugs, it would require elimination, but you can’t just have someone come in a “spray” for bed bugs – that’s what monthly pest control is for when dealing with other indoor pests like ants and cockroaches.

Know the Difference:  Treating Bed Bugs vs. Eliminating Bed Bugs

So what prompted me to write this you may ask?Because it is important to know the difference between “TREATING” for bed bugs and truly “ELIMINATING” bed bugs.  Treating refers to "spraying" while Eliminating means completely get rid of.  With bed bugs, they need to be eliminated.


We conducted an inspection this week for just the sweetest elderly couple.Turns out that a while back they hired the company that does there monthly spraying to get rid of there bed bugs.After doing some research, I found out that this company advertises online as Bed Bug Experts in Las Vegas.  Apparently they are experts in aerosol cans! 

Curious, read on:

Yes they did an inspection, the elderly couple was instructed to prepare by moving all of the furniture away from the walls, remove outlet covers and wash and dry and bag all of there clothing and belongings.The woman’s husband is disabled, so she had to move the furniture herself!The company charged them $190.00 and “sprayed” with an aerosol can, yes, per the homeowner, they came in with aerosol cans and sprayed the house.They then had to move out for 3 nights – per the instructions of the technician.After returning, they were still seeing bed bugs and were still getting bit – the homeowner called the company back and they said it would be another $190.00 to back again.

It is just appalling that any company would offer this type of service for bed bugs!

Thankfully, the homeowner was unsatisfied with the service she got, and did not want to move her furniture a 2nd time, so she did some research on bed bugs.  We spent over an hour consulting with her, did a thorough visual inspection and showed her live evidence of bed bugs in rooms and furnishings and bed bug eggs curtains that the other company didn’t even look at! 

We’ve said this since day one back in 2008!A thorough bed bug inspection by a company that will give an accurate bed bug assessment of the entire situation is required to eliminate bed bugs.Always, always, find out what is included and what actual procedures will be used for bed bug extermination.And always, I repeat, always – get a warranty in writing.There are so many steps that are done incorrectly (like having to wash/dry and bag 100% of all clothing and items in closets and dressers – just a note – with our service, you don’t have to!).

Moral of the Story:A Good Bed Bug Inspection Company Can Save You A Lot of Money!

Let’s face it, we realize that no one has a bed bug budget.But, why spend money and still have bed bugs?Whether you know you have bed bugs or suspect you have bed bugs, call K-9 Sweeps for a free phone consultation so that you can make the best decision possible for your specific bed bug situation.

The recent infestations have scammers coming out of the woodwork as well. So when you're looking for help, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be wary of any so-called pest control professionals who are going door to door.

  • Scammers typically look for on-the-spot extermination and have you wash, dry, bag and remove EVERYTHING!

  • Read the fine print before you sign any contracts, especially if you're agreeing to long-term monitoring or follow-up treatments.

  • Do your research. An exterminator should have the proper training, knowledge, tools, experience, references and certifications and should offer bed bug treatment OPTIONS that truly work to eliminate bed bugs.  Yes, eliminate, not just "treat" bed bugs.  There IS a difference.

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