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Finding bed bugs is not the end of the world but it does take more thought than action.  There are bed bug extermination options that work, and then there are bed bug treatments that don't work.

Just do your research and utilize a company that will back there work with a guarantee for 100% bed bug elimination; not just treatment.

Take a moment to stop and think and don't jump the gun!  You will need a clear head to handle the situation properly.

A Few Do's and Dont's:

Don’t start washing and drying and bagging everything, don’t drag or move infested beds or furniture through the house as you may spread bed bugs, don’t use rubbing alcohol or bed bugs sprays reloj rolex replica that don’t fully eliminate bed bugs, don’t use bed bug bombs or you’ll scatter them.

Do, have a company with knowledge in bed bug management conduct a full bed bug inspection (either a visual inspection or depending on the situation, a bed bug K9 inspection) so that the situation can be fully assessed.

Do be wary of any services or bed bug inspections that are offered for free (most reputable and experienced companies do charge for bed bug inspections.(Remember the old adage -- typically there’s not much in life that is truly free!).  You can read more here about when free isn’t really free (Consumer Reports).

Do look for a company that offers bed bug removal options.  An exterminator should be able to offer bed bug elimination treatment options. Options are required -- look at it this way -- let’s say only one room has bed bugs, why would you pay to treat the entire home if the entire home does not have bed bugs?Each bed bug infestation is unique and requires a full inspection and an integrated pest management approach to solve the problem and eliminate beds.

Treatment methods vary; here's a brief run down:

Bed Bug Sprays:  Some companies offer bed bug spraying alone (just don’t go this route)

Bed Bug Chemical Applications: This method uses a combination of dusts, sprays and residual treatments and rarely will work if not administered with additional control methods simultaneously.

Bed Bug Steam Treatment:  Some pest control companies, even local Las Vegas Pest Control companies, refer to steam as a heat treatment -- but it’s not really the same as thermal heat treatment – steam comes from a steamer and will kill bed bugs and eggs when the technician applies the steam directly to a specific area).

Freezing Bed Bugs:  Freezing to kill bed bugs (like steam, freezing will kill the bed bugs and eggs that it is sprayed directly on).  It's the ones that are missed that you have to worry about!

Thermal Heat Treatment:  Some companies use thermal heat treatment to heat the entire structure (or room or rooms) which, depending on the size and the type of heat treatment equipment the company has invested in, and when properly trained and the process is administered correctly, will have a 100% kill rate for all bed bugs and eggs.

Then there's true bed bug companies, like K-9 Sweeps Pest Control in Las Vegas.  We utilize all of the above methods + more!  We realize that there is truly not a one-size-fits all bed bug treatment for every situation, the company has invested time, money and resources to offer you every option available for 100% bed bug elimination!   K-9 Sweeps may use some or a combination of methods designed specifically for your particular bed bug problem!

Selecting an Experienced Pest Control Company

You may already have a monthly contract with a licensed and certified pest control, however, that company may have little or no experience with bed bugs. Ask.  Find out immediately. Call and ask about the company’s bed bug experience. How many bed bug jobs did they do last year? What products do they use? What is there success rate?  What is their protocol for follow-up treatments? Ask them to provide you with bed bug references. If your current company does not have the expertise you need, find one who does. The price of a good bed bug company will be higher than you have paid for routine pest control. But keep in mind that time = money in bed bug control. You want your company to take the time they need to get the job done, or you risk not being satisfied with the results.

Be aware that you do not have to react instantly with regards to bed bug extermination.  Taking a little time to do it right and find the right bed bug pest control company in Las Vegas will provide far better results than hiring a company out of panic.Also, keep in mind that you need to know what the bed bug treatment involves. Don’t just hire a company who says they will “get rid of the bed bugs.” Ask them exactly what they are going to do and why there treatment will work.

What Information Should You be Given Regarding Treatment?

Pest control operators across the nation agree, bed bug are the most difficult pests that they have ever had to control. To be effective, the company you choose must be knowledgeable about bed bug biology and behavior and up to date in the latest bed bug  techniques. 

Do You Need a Bed Bug Warranty?

Yes.  Absolutely!

Some companies provide a 30 or 60 day treatment warranty/guarantee.Be aware that sometimes this in not the same as guaranteeing bed bugs will be eliminated.It means that they will TREAT bed bugs for 30 to 60 days.This is not a guarantee that the bed bugs will be gone.It just means that their company will treat and treat again (often for additional fees) – check your contract.  Do beware of the contract and make sure the company guarantees bed bug removal - - in writing.  We recommend a 90 day warranty.

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