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Bed Bug Extermination Information
Posted At: October 8, 2014 1:23 PM | Posted By : admin
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In a continued effort to educate those who are looking for a bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas or Henderson -- DO YOUR BED BUG RESEARCH and don't fall for scams.

K-9 Sweeps receives inquiries daily from callers who say "XYZ Pest Control just quoted me $X amount to to spray my whole house for bed bugs, how much do you charge?"

1st off -- spraying alone does NOT eliminate bed bugs.

Do your research on what bed bug elimination really is.  An exterminator should NOT be hired to spray a whole house for bed bugs just in case they may be in a room.  Bed bugs are either in a room or they are not in a room.

Received a call from a woman on Saturday.  She was doing her research.  Although she wanted a free bed bug inspection, she ended up calling  another company and they did do a free inspection.

She called back last night and said the company came in and quoted her $490.00 to spray her house for bed bugs.   When I asked her for details about the company's inspection, she said the guy didn't really inspect, just quoted to spray the house based on what she told him.  As for the leather couches in her living room - she said that the guy who did the inspection said not to worry because bed bugs don't really like leather -- now really -- so bed bugs can't be in leather furniture -- no that's a new one!

She was also told to wash and dry ALL clothing in all drawers and closets, including shoes (now this is one I've never heard -- dry your shoes!) and bag everything and it should all be put in the kitchen.  Yikes, do you really want to live with all of your clothes and shoes stacked in your kitchen for 3 months.  A company with knowledge knows that ALL

Moral of the Story:  DO YOUR RESEARCH and hire a company that truly knows what they are doing.  Hiring a Las Vegas Pest Control company with the required knowledge, integrity and the correct protocol to inspect and eliminate bed bugs is key to ending your rolex replica sleepless nights!


(1)  A company with honest pricing and integrity cannot and should not give a quote for bed bug elimination without first conducting a thorough inspection of the property.  Pricing should be based on actual visual inspection findings.  If a room does not have bed bugs, there is NO treatment required as there is nothing to eliminate.

(2) Pricing should NOT be the same for all rooms.  Pricing for bed bug treatment should be based on many factors including:
The size of the room
The level of infestation
The length of the infestation
The type of furnishings in the room
The size of the bed and type of bed frame
The type of furnishings
The work and treatment method required to eliminate them
Any many other factors.

Consider this:  should you really pay the same amount for bedbug extermination in 2 rooms in a home that are totally different in size, furnishings and infestation level?  Again, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Again, we've been saying this for years, and more and more companies are starting to try to eliminate bed bugs.  Just do your research and make sure if you do get a "free bed bug inspection, that it is truly what a bed bug inspection should be.  Remember, in most instances you get what you pay for.

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