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Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs: Does It Work?
Posted At: October 9, 2014 1:26 PM | Posted By : admin

Today's consumer's a very smart -- doing research before signing on the dotted line.  With the help of technology, one can quickly google services such as a bed bug exterminator and come up with a myriad of company websites and online paid advertising ad's.  

So how do you, the consumer, really know what you're getting?  Just do a little research. Make a few phone calls, talk to the company about there process, ask for references and read online reviews.  A while back we wrote about deceptive advertising - well worth a quick read!

One good example is if you are looking for a pest control company for bed bugs.  Here's the latest scoop!

Heat treatment, also referred to thermal heat treatment, is a very effective solution for bed bug extermination - if and when - it is executed correctly!  Heat treatments require specialized equipment, and a team of highly trained technicians to set up, monitor, and to ensure that an effective treatment has been provided.

Some advertising tricks to avoid:

(1) HEAT TREATING OVERNIGHT:  A company states The temperature of the infested area is raised above 130 degrees overnightUnless a company is staying onsite overnight to monitor temperatures in real time to ensure thermal death is achieved, this is quite simply not an option you should consider.  It is also dangerous to leave electric bed bug heaters and propane heat treatment equipment left unattended.  Recommend reading:  the process of heating bed bugs and a great article about what heat treatment truly entails.

(2) ONLY METHOD THAT WORKS:  Some company's claim that heat treatment is the ONLY method proven to kill ALL stages of life. This is often the case when it's the only option a company utilizes.  There are other successful bed bug treatment options that eliminate bed bugs -- but again, when done correctly.

(3) WARRANTIES:  Based on many factors, including bed bug biology, you should request a bed bug heat treatment warranty of 90 days or 3 months -- avoid 30 days, 60 might be okay, but read the fine print of your service order.  We recommend 90 days based on bed bug biology.  You also want "no strings attached" and no monthly pest control fees going after your treatment.

(4)  WATCH FOR FALSE CLAIMS:  Like mentioned above, there are many successful methods for bed bug extermination.  Some may state that ALL other methods of control are spot treatments -- Like mentioned above, just do some research.  You have options for bed bug pest control just make sure you are comfortable with the company and the options that you choose for your bed bug extermination.

Three useful sites for additional credible information:  the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the National Pest Management Association or look into University Research Studies.

You can also read an abundance of bed bug specific information on the K9 BLOG.

We've made it so easy to find the best bed bug exterminator information in Las Vegas!

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