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Bed Bug Extermination Extermination Cost
How Much Does Heat Treatment Cost?
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Bed Bug Extermination Cost

Bed Bug Extermination Cost depends on which method of bed bug elimination is best suited for your specific bed bug situation.  There is no one price fits all, as no two rooms are exactly the same in a residence.  Rooms differ in size, furnishings, belongings, infestation level, etc. and an accurate inspection is always required to confirm if bed bug elimination is required in a room or not.

An experienced pest control company should be able to access and give your options.  Here are four Bed Bug Treatment Options.

1. Hiring a Pest Control company to use Heat Treatment Equipment to kill bed bugs. True bed bug heat treatment requires specialized knowledge and equipment.  Among other factors, success is directly related to the size of the structure, heating the rooms or bringing the temperature of ALL rooms up to the desired temperature all at the same time (not room by room), de-cluttering, preparing home according to company guidelines and monitoring the furnishings, belongings and temperatures.

Caution:  True bed bug heat treatment and/or conventional bed bug elimination should not require you to vacate your premises overnight.  If this is the case, ask why you need to vacate.

Some companies are new to the heat treatment business, and may ask you to vacate overnight or may just plug in electric heaters and fans.  It is highly recommended that your research about treatment protocols.

2. Hiring a Professional Pest Control company to perform integrated pest management (hepa vacuuming, steaming, chemical applications, residual treatments, monitors, bed bug covers, inspections, etc.) for bed bugs. (Success requires more than 1 treatment and directly related to de-cluttering and preparation, disassembling furniture and beds, techniques of physically removing bed bugs and eggs, applying the right amount of steam directly to eggs and bed bugs, applying correct chemicals at the right times, and repeated treatments.)

3. Cryonite or Freezing Bed Bugs: 
This method of killing bed bugs utilizes subzero C02 "snow" (also referred to as freezing bed bugs) to kill bed bugs on contact.

No insecticides are used; dry CO2 can be used in and around electrical sockets; kills instantly.

Contact killer only and has no residual effect; if you don’t visually see the bed bugs you will not kill them with this method.

4. Do It Yourself Bed Bug Treatment: Success requires attaining proper training, knowledge, physical labor, safety, preparation, correct products and monitoring devices, reapplication of chemicals and correct techniques needed to kill bed bugs. We highly recommend you do not do bed bug pest control on experience and research has proven that it typically makes the situation worse and more costly over the long run.


So, you know you have bed bugs and now you are wondering, “how much is it going to cost me to get rid of 100% of them?” The answer to this varies depending on many, many factors.  First you'll need to get an onsite inspection and estimate in writing by your local bed bug exterminator with a proven track record for knowing how to inspect for deal with all aspects of bed bugs.  Read, ask for references or google online reviews.  Treatment should be targeted to a room or rooms that have visual evidence of bed bugs.As a note, if a room does not have bed bugs; bed bug elimination is not required in that room as there is nothing in that room to eliminate.

  • They may quote you based on a series of chemicals (pesticides) treatments—as everyone knows chemical treatments take repeated applications every two weeks.This method typically does not work and is geared more toward treating bed bugs vs. truly eliminating them.It may work if the infestation is detected very early.

  • They may quote you for an EFFECTIVE “green” treatment which is—a one-time Heat Treatment (as it kills bed bug eggs too).

  • They may also quote you on a cost to do a combination of both Heat with residual chemical treatment in voids and cracks and crevices.

The AVERAGE cost to kill bed bugs with Heat Treatment in Las Vegas is running around $1.00 to $1.25 per square foot.  Maybe a little more, maybe a little less depending on the specific situation.  But anything not in that range -- make sure the company has experience.  If it is lower - ask why it is so cheap?  Anything higher - ask why it's so high. (find out what type of heat system will be used, if they will stay onsite, are there any hidden fees, etc.)  Just ask so you know what you're paying for.

So let's say your home is 1400 square feet, you are looking at around $1,400 - $1700 +/- (maybe more, maybe less) if your entire home requires heat treatment.  Again, this is ballpark and will vary depending on type of structure, level of infestation, amount of furnishings and belongings, location, and many other factors.  Most heat companies will charge more for Heat Treatment over traditional “chemical bed bug treatments.” It may cost a little more but the process is highly effective (when done correctly), is completed in less than one day as it kills all stages of bed bugs including the eggs. The home must be de-cluttered with no “piles” of items sitting around. Heat Treatment does take specialized Heat equipment and knowledgeable technicians to provide safe and effective one day kill of bed bug infestations.  Do be aware that not all bed bug heat treatment equipment is the same and will not produce the same results.When not done correctly failure can occur (make sure the company you talk to has the right equipment (ask what type the company uses...electric, propane or thermal hydronic heat and ask about how they are going to heat the whole structure at one time). 

The warranty is important because heat treatment can fail if home is too cluttered causing areas to be insulated or protected from the high heat.Most specialized bed bug pest control companies will provide you with a 90 day warranty and a list of preparation items.The technicians should remain onsite during the entire process to monitor and ensure 100% of everything is heated down to the core.You definitely don’t want a company to just put a heater in a room or rooms and return the next day to pick up the heat equipment.One cold spot and there is a very good chance that bed bugs will survive.Many companies base the cost of the job on the number of square feet inside the dwelling.Sure the size does matter, but what also matters is how long the company is going to hold the heat once it reaches the thermal death rate and how long they are going to hold if for and how they are going to monitor the temperatures.  It's the core temperature that matters, not the surface temperature.  Also of importance is the the duration the infestation has been going on, the amount of furnishings, personal belongings and clutter in the room or rooms.As for the cost of heat treatment, when you weigh in not having to throw out furnishings and beds, not having to go through multiple treatments, not have to wash, dry and bag all of your clothing in closets, drawers and infested items, the cost of heat treatment generally is the best choice. Most who opt for other methods or do-it-yourself bed bug treatment have to purchase all new beds, linens, bedbug certified mattress protectors, and storage boxes to store cleaned and dried items in, and still cannot rid themselves of these pesky critters. Why? Because they COULD NOT throw away their baseboards, window frames, ceiling fans, crown molding, wall sockets, hardwood floor cracks and other places where these bugs are known to hide. Remember bed bugs are just what they are called but they are NOT only in beds and they hide in any crack or crevice.

#1 Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Exposure to high heat or cold temperatures is a good method to get rid of bed bugs in one day. High temperatures can be either high heat or extremely cold temperatures. Cryonite, is a freezing agent that kills bed bugs on contact, but it is not 100% effective against bedbugs the way that high heat is. Cryonite is a contact kill and will kill bed bugs if it is applied directly – it’s the eggs and bugs that are missed that will make this method not work.Heat Is the Preferred Treatment Method: A professional heat treat company with the right equipment is generally able to heat the home or dwelling (depending on the size).  It should take approximately 8 to 10 hours when done correctly.  More time will be needed for larger dwellings.  You save time and money because you DO NOT have to throw out furniture, you do NOT have to move out overnight, you don’t have to launder ALL of your belongings (you will need to heat clothes in dryer that are over-crammed in drawers and bag them). It is our company’s opinion that heat is the best way to go if you want to solve the problem quickly, efficiently and if you have the financial means to do so.A professional bed bug Heat Treatment company will provide an agreed contract prior to doing the heat treatment. However, if you do not have the financial ability to hire a professional pest company for a Heat Treatment, then there are other routes you can take.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prices:

After the inspection and consultation and it is determined that there is a bed bug infestation we go over the best bed bug elimination option for the specific infestation.

Our process includes an initial phone consultation, a visual and/or K9 inspection, a consultation to go over all aspects of heat treatment and why it is being recommended, a pre-treatment or pre-heat checklist that will state the steps that need to be taken before the heat treatment is started, the cost of heat treating the dwelling, the warranty information and the post treatment procedures.Once you decide to proceed we will schedule your heat treatment.Cost for heat treatment in Las Vegas averages $1.00 to $1.25 per sq. foot, cost going down when home is larger or going up to meet our minimum required.

#2. Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

While it is true that a few pesticides do have a residual effect (work for a period of time), experienced companies will know what products work and which ones don’t.Your exterminator should never use bug bombs or foggers, essential oils, etc which are completely ineffective in getting rid of bed bugs as research has shown that foggers can actually spread bed bugs deeper into walls and into new areas of your home.It is also necessary for the exterminator that uses pesticides to use an integrated pest management approach.Hepa vacuuming, direct contact steam, monitors, traps, encasements, etc.They will need to return in 2 weeks to reapply products, chemicals as it is almost impossible to kill all bugs with one application. Remember chemicals usually won’t kill the eggs as eggs and they should be physically removed by the company.And they may hatch a week or two later—depending on the room temperatures. Warmer homes would see eggs hatch sooner than colder temperatures. It is for this reason (eggs hatching) that pesticides must be reapplied after the initial treatment on a follow up visit. How chemicals are applied is also very important because it has to be where it contacts bed bugs, but also where it does not have extended contact with human skin. If you rent your landlord to help pay for the treatment, since the landlord will not be able to re-rent the home once you move out, unless he or she rids the home of bed bugs prior to re-renting it to the next tenant. Also check for references to be sure that the company is experienced with bedbug infestations. Bed bug treatment requires highly specialized technicians that have had tried and tested results. Pesticide applications are not like a roach and ant spraying.This is why the average quoted price for chemical or “traditional” full bed bug applications, including products needed to be installed during treatment, is in the ballpark range of $250 to $500, not because the pesticides are expensive but because of the preparation, knowledge, time involved in disassembling and moving furniture is extremely labor intensive.This price is not a one size fits all solution.I know for example that K-9 Sweeps in Las Vegas has done treatment for as little as $75.00 a room and up.Prices will vary and should vary from room to room as NO two rooms are the exact in size, furnishings, etc.The price quoted should be based on the exact situation.

#3. Do Your Own Bed Bug Treatments

Do it yourself $19.95 bed bug treatments that are constantly being advertised online just don’t work.Most will sell you a product that may kill on contact (pine oil, organic sprays, etc.) but a fly swatter would do the same thing!You can spray rubbing alcohol on a bed bug and kill it if you spray it directly on it! There are many products that will kill bedbugs. The problem is in KILLING ALL of the bed bugs at the same time. If you purchase a $19.95 over the counter or online you may kill every bug that you find, but what about the one pregnant bed bug that is hiding?Your problem will just continue.Not only will you relive the nightmare, but you've bagged and washed and removed everything from your home and chances are when your open those bags, you're just letting the bed bugs back out!  You can also drive bed bugs deeper into the walls, floors and molding, make them spread to other rooms and make it that much harder and more costly in the long run.

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