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Oh No! I think my Library Book has Bed Bugs!
Posted At: September 23, 2014 4:11 PM | Posted By : admin
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Now of course most library books do not have bed bugs, so if you are an avid book reader continue checking out books -- but yes it is possible and yes it does happen.  As odd as it may sound, both libraries and library books can be a very common place for bed bugs. Just this summer there were many news stories about libraries and bed bugs and some even had to close down temporarily to take care of the problem.

Also this summer, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported "a bed bug was spotted in a Las Vegas-Clark County Library District bin two weeks ago in the service center where 18,000 library items are sorted daily, said Karen Bramwell-Thomas, the district’s public relations manager."

A few UNLV Engineering student's even made a Audemars Piguet Replica prototype bed bug heater box that may work sometime in the future for killing bed bugs with heat in books...

"The stowaway was captured with tape, but some UNLV students think there might be a way to kill the creatures before they get past the book drop.  UNLV undergraduate engineering students Jack Cheney, Nicole Ramos and Vachara Maneeraj created a solar-powered book drop that roasts bed bugs to death. The project was part of UNLV’s engineering senior design competition in May. All engineering students must collaborate for a year to produce a product using their engineering skills."

What To Look For in Library Books

Live bed bugs, dead bed bugs, cast skins, fecal stains and bed bug eggs.


Where to Look

They'll be easy to spot if they're on the pages, but they can also easily fit into the binding. They can be in hard cover and soft cover books (check the spine too) since they can hide just about anywhere.  Look on the outside of the book for fecal staining, as if you took a fine point black sharpie or marker and dotted it.  And if you're at the library, don't forget to look at the chair you may get comfortable in too!

What to Do

Don’t panic! If you do find bed bugs in your book isolate the book in a sealed zip lock and return the book.Be sure to notify the staff at the library that the book has bed bugs so that they can take precautions so the library does not become infested.You may also want documentation (pictures, etc.) before returning the book.

How to Get Rid of Them -- Now this is the Important Part!

Bed bugs can be eradicated with various extermination options and it can be rather inexpensive WHEN it is detected early and WHEN it is done correctly.  But first, you need confirmation that you have bed bugs and need to find where they are all hiding! 

Don't just jump for the closest spray can!  Although there are plenty of sprays that will kill bed bugs if the spray is directly sprayed on the bug, if you see one you can also just swat it with a flyswatter!  In other words, it's finding and killing all of them that matters.  (oh yeah, and the in-stars, nymphs and eggs too!)

Many "do-it-yourselfer's" turn to food-grade diatomaceous earth (also called DE for bed bugs) because it is a green product and everyone seems to claim it works, but recent research shows that it doesn’t really work and can may even make the situation worse.

Temperatures like heat treatment and freezing will kill them, but since most freezers can’t fit all of your belongings the freezing option won’t work and you wouldn’t want to put a book in the oven as it can start a fire!

Our Recommendation

As a precaution,www.swetawatch.com "if" you do find bed bugs in a library book and the book has been in your home, you should keep a close eye out for bed bugs and speak to your pest control company about precautions to take.  You may also consider having a thorough bed bug inspection done at minimum, of the areas where the book has been.  Be sure to call an exterminator that employs a true bed bug expert.  Bed bugs ARE different.The bed bug expert should have training (and a lot of it), be exceptionally knowledgeable on all aspects of bed bug biology, inspection techniques, monitoring and and bed bug treatment options.When bed bugs are detected early, an introduction of bed bugs can be quickly and easily eliminated with minimum disruption to the household – but they have to be found early and it has to be handled correctly!

Have a question?  K-9 Sweeps, a Las Vegas Bed Bug Extermination Company in Las Vegas, can be reached at 702-586-5179; oh, and sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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