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The Most Common Bed Bug Questions With Real Answers
Posted At: February 25, 2015 4:08 PM | Posted By : admin

We are one of the most innovative pest control companies in Las Vegas!  There are few companies that can honestly say “take a deep breath and don’t worry, you’re in good hands and we’ll take care of you."


Over the years we have received tens of thousands of phone calls regarding bed bugs.We receive calls from homeowner’s, property managers, hotel guests and hotel management, non-profits, renters, out-of-state landlords, even other pest control companies that need guidance and many, many others.We have developed an educated protocol based on research, new technology, bed bug biology, science and methods and products that truly work to fully find and exterminate bed bugs in Las Vegas.  We have are a very progressive pest control company that truly cares!


If you don’t have the time read through our entire website, following is a list of bed bug related questions, with honest answers, that we most commonly receive.This list will be updated regularly with additional bed bug information so check back frequently.


How long have you been in the Las Vegas Pest Control Business?



Since 2009.We have been helping individuals and businesses with everything and anything pertaining to bed bugs.K-9 Sweeps was the first “bed bug only company” to serve the Las Vegas area. We have very innovative pest control plans, including bed bug heat treatment, and our progressive pest control options and guaranteed pest solutions are simply the best!


Do you do free bed bug inspections?


No, inspections are not free and they shouldn’t be free.We believe in honesty and we’ll always tell you the truth and in general not much in life is free.If you get a free bed bug inspection, most companies just work the free inspection into the treatment price or may even try to sell you services (monthly pest control or a one year warranty) that you don’t really need.We believe in honest assessments and honest pricing.K-9 Sweeps does charge for the initial bed bug inspection and consultation -- but we won’t overcharge your for services.Our bed bug extermination price will be based on your specifics.



No hidden fees, honest assessments and honest pricing are what you will get.Here’s more information on free bed bug inspections.


How much does it cost to spray for bed bugs and can you give me a quote over the phone?


This is one of the most common questions we receive.And we totally understand because no one has a bed bug budget.I’ve said this what seems like 100’s if not 1,000’s of times over the years – a true bed bug pest control company cannot accurately quote for bed bug elimination without doing an inspection.  An inspection is 100% required to fully assess so many different factors:the infestation level, what rooms have or don't have bed bugs, to go over all of your treatment options, to go over pre-treatment prep that may be required and so on.An inspection is a must.


How much does bed bug extermination cost?


At K-9 Sweeps we do not have a set price per room because no two rooms are exactly the same.Case in point:Let’s say you have a decent size master bedroom with lots of furniture and a king size bed with a head board and foot board and side rails; and then you also have a smaller child’s room with just a twin bed on a metal bed frame and a dresser – why should the price be the same for both rooms?It shouldn’t.The cost of bed bug extermination needs to be based on the specifics of the room.


Do you warranty your work?

Absolutely!Our bed bug warranty is based on many things, including bed bug biology.We know bed bugs, we know how they reproduce, we know when they’re newly introduced and we know when they are fully eliminated.Our warranty is based on a science and is not just a number of days.

Do you sell bed bug covers?

Yes.We have tested many, many brands of bed bug encasements and stock the best brand we have tested.During our treatment we install the encasements, if we deem that they are required of course.Countless callers buy encasements locally at Walmart or Target, install them during do-it-yourself treatment, only to find that bed bugs are still there and got onto the new encasement (which means the encasement is now useless).Mattress and Box Spring Encasements are a great tool – but they will not eliminate bed bugs and they need to be installed correctly and at the right time.

My monthly pest control company said to just bag everything and put it in the sun for 7 days.Will this get rid of bed bugs?


No.Bagging clothing and items and placing them outside in the sun will NOT get rid of bed bugs.‘Maybe’ on one of Las Vegas’ hot sunny days in August, when the temperatures are extremely high, it ‘might’ work, IF the core temperature of the items in the bag gets hot enough and the temperature is maintained for long enough without the core temperature cooling off.If one bug survives in that bag, and you bring it bag inside, there you go – bed bugs again!


My apartment is having the pest control company come in and spray for bed bugs.Will it work?


Probably not.If they are going to spray for free and the infestation is not wide spread, it will knock the infestation down a bit, but chances are it won’t eliminate the problem.Research proves that integrated pest management is needed to fully eliminate bed bugs.Spraying is more for monthly pest control like for ants and cock roaches.  Read more about Do Bed Bug Sprays Really Work.


Do I really need to remove all of my clothes and belongings?


If the pest control company is only spraying, and they advised to remove everything, when they come back to “spray” again, you’ll just have to do the steps all over again.That’s not the correct process.


My exterminator said I need to throw out my bed because it has bed bugs?

Beds do not have to be thrown out.First off if you discard your bed and don’t continue sleeping in the room, bed bugs are going to seek a host and leave the room.If you put a new bed in the room without taking the proper steps, your brand new bed will become infested.With our services, we know how to prevent old and new beds from becoming re-infested.


I thoroughly cleaned the room, set off bug bombs, replaced the carpeting, painted the room, covered the bed with a mattress cover, put DE and rubbing alcohol everywhere.I slept in the room again last night and got bit by bed bugs.Now what do I do? I’ve already spent a ton of money and I still have bed bugs.


The first thing to do if you suspect or find bed bugs is make a phone call.Nothing should be done when you find bed bugs.Bed bugs are an extremely hard pest to eliminate.Most pest control companies are just learning about bed bugs and how to get rid of them.Since we have been successfully dealing with bed bugs for a long time, we know what works and what doesn’t.

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