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Bed Bug Fumigation, Bed Bug Fogging, Bed Bug Heat Treatment
What's the Difference?
Posted At: May 13, 2015 2:17 PM | Posted By : admin

What's the difference between bed bug sprays, bed bug bombs, bed bug foggers, fumigation and thermal heat treatment.  They are often referred to as the same thing but in reality they are totally different.

Fogging for Bed Bugs:  Bombing (bed bug bombs) and foggers or fogging techniques are not effective at eliminating bed bugs and generally actually spread bed bugs.  Bedbugs are generally found in cracks and crevices and remain unaffected by bed bug bombs.  It simply does not penetrate to where it needs to reach to kill all bed bugs and eggs.  Bombing is considered a very ineffective option and most often has a negative impact.

Bed Bug Sprays:
Most bed bug sprays kill on contact.  But then again so will a fly swatter.  It's the one's that you don't directly spray that will continue the cycle.  Read more about do bed bug sprays really work here.


Fumigation for Bed Bugs
:  Fumigation is when the entire structure is tented or covered with a tent.  It can also be used for compartmentalized treatments in rental trucks or containers.  This technique must be performed by highly skilled and licesnsed pest control operators.  Once prepared and tented, the fumigant released and can be lethal to human beings if not performed in a controlled manner. The particulates released during fumigation are so fine that they will penetrate into solid wood, cracks and crevices where bed bugs generally reside.  Fumigation is often used for severe bed bug infestations termite infestations.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment:  Bed bug heat treatment, also referred to as thermal heat, is used to fully eliminate bed bugs from belongings, furniture and the structure.  Heat is what most people are turning to in order to completely eliminate bed bugs and it is a green eco-friendly process that will kill all stages of bed bugs. Infested rooms are heated to 130-140 degrees and the temperature is held for several hours -- killing all stages of bed bugs and their eggs. The process requires staying on site and continually monitoring temperatures and moving and rotating furniture and belongings.  Actual heat treatment is not conducted by placing heater's in a dwelling overnight unless technicians are remaining onsite overnight.  First off it's very dangerous to leave electric heater's at that temperature plugged in overnight and secondly there's no way to monitor core temperatures without staying onsite.

In summary, do your research on what works to eliminate bed bugs and what the terms being used really mean.  Heat treatment and fumigation are great options, if and when the treatments are done correctly and done to standards that should be upheld in the pest control industry.

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