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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs requires asking a lot of quesitons
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Honest answers from an experienced Las Vegas Pest Control Company.

How should you choose a bed bug exterminator? Your decision should NOT be based on price alone!  You truly need to research and ask questions.

What to Look for When Researching

 1. Make a list of a few companies and then visit their websites to do some preliminary research.  Look for red flags like "free bed bug inspections", preparation instructions, wording like "guaranteed with a contract", etc.

2.Call and ask a lot of questions.Ask about the warranty.It should be 90 days, sometime 45 days is okay for multi-unit dwellings. Every bed bug must be eliminated or your infestation will continue.Based on bed bug biology, you don’t want a service with NO guarantee and you need more than a 30 day warranty.We highly recommend a really good warranty, with NO contract.It’s simply not needed.

Ensure that: 

1.The pest control company actually provides bedbug elimination; not just a control service or spray treatment (that's for monthly pest control, not bed bugs).Not all exterminators treat bedbugs as they are very difficult to eliminate, so double check that the providers being considered don’t just apply chemicals like is replicas relojes done for monthly pest control or you may end up paying a lot of money for just chemicals to be applied. Once you mention bed bugs, many companies will charge quadruple the amount, make you do a lot of unnecessary prep work and just do the same service as for ants and cockroaches, but just spray more.

2. The pest control company needs to be fully licensed to do business in the home or business's state.Nevada requires city, state, county and a pest control license to conduct services.Ask for proof. Many carpet cleaning companies will state that they can eliminate bed bugs with cleaning the carpets.  Do your research.

3.The pest control companies use methods that truly eliminate bed bugs.Pest control for bed bugs requires many different methods which include bed but heat treatment, vacuuming, steaming, monitors, encasement's, chemical treatments, sometimes all of those methods need to be used.You need to find one company that offers ALL of these methods.

4.Make sure that you are not asked to throw out your beds and furniture.It’s an additional expense and you will have to go months and months without furniture.

 Important information about bed bug extermination from a Las Vegas Pest Control Company: 

After your initial research, ask:

1. What specific techniques will the company use (spraying, heat, steam, etc.)?

2. Will a detailed bed bug inspection be done prior to quoting a price? If the company can give you a quote without inspecting that’s a huge red flag.Hang up and move on to the next company.An inspection is a must.Remember you get what you pay for.If a company does free bed bug inspections, that’s another red flag.A good company will charge for services.If it’s free; ask why?Most likely they will just add the cost onto the treatment price.

3. How many services are included?Traditional bed bug elimination often requires multiple treatments. (that’s why you needed the warranty over 30 days…mentioned above). 

4. Do you need to vacate the home?If the company states you need to vacate overnight; yet another red flag...again, hang up and move on to the next on your list. Why would you have to vacate overnight for bugs?Could be because the company doesn’t have the experience and is going to apply way too many chemicals.If it is bed bug heat treatment that is being used, again – NO reason to ever vacate overnight; unless the company is staying in your residence overnight to work and monitor temperatures.Again, ask A LOT of questions.

Preparing For a Bed Bug Treatment

Proper preparation for bed bug elimination is very important.You absolutely do NOT have to wash, dry, bag EVERYTHING in your home or move furniture away from walls.If the company’s preparation list says you need to – how come?What if you do all of that preparation and a bed bug is still alive in your items?You bring the bags back in and you bring bed bugs right back in again.

Also, if you’re asked to remove, wash and dry everything – are you going to have to repeatedly do it every time they come back?Sounds like a lot unnecessary work.

If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson and would like information on bed bug inspections bed bug elimination, bed bug heat treatment or Guaranteed Pest Solutions, call K-9 Sweeps Guaranteed Pest Solutions at 702-586-5179.

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