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Paying $30 a month for pest control in Las Vegas – READ THIS!
Posted At: March 3, 2016 2:26 PM | Posted By : admin
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Most homeowner’s don't give pest control much thought. Need service, call an exterminator and you’re done.But hold on, there’s more to it.Not sure?Continue reading.We’ve done our research and we’ve done the math.

There are 200+ exterminators in Las Vegas.Many advertise pest control for $29.99 a month, some more, some less.Some have startup fees, hidden fees, higher, lower pricing based on size of the home, some have contracts -- some don’t.So, yes, there is truly a lot to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Money doesn't grow on trees. Know what you’re paying for!

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For this example – I will use the “average” price for pest control in Las Vegas which is generally about $30.00 +/- per month.


I recently had the opportunity to observe 2 different exterminators service two separate houses.From the time the technicians arrived, started spraying the exterior of the property, both front and back yard, company A was there a total of 2 minutes 49 seconds and company B was there 3 minutes 10 seconds.



I later interviewed the homeowners, who were not home at the time of service.They both stated that they are never home when the bug guy comes and just assume he’s doing a thorough job.Both said they never gave it much thought until I brought it up.



Both homeowner’s pay $30.00 a month / $360 total per year for pest control.One has a 12-month contract; one is month-to-month.For the math, I’m giving pest control company A and B that I observed the benefit of the doubt.Maybe they were in a rush that day, and maybe, just maybe, some months they spend a little more time, so I’ll use an average spray time of 5 minutes per visit.





5 minutes per extermination service x 12 months = 60 minutes total per year

Total = 1 hour of service per year



Results:$360 for 1 hour of total service.CRAZY when you actually do the math! Company A and B are charging $360.00 per hour!



If you subtract overhead (tech salary, gas, insurance, product, etc. it’s approximately a $300 per hour profit.Not bad for under 5 minutes per house service time.


The takeaway.Do Your Research.Know how much and what you are paying for.

We are different.We pioneered and mastered bed bug inspections and elimination services in Las Vegas and now we have pioneered the RIGHT way to handle pest control services. We provide service with results.We have researched what works and developed our pest control plans based with your best interest in mind.We take the necessary time to service your property so that you know what you are paying.Service with results.


Guaranteed Pest Solutions in Las Vegas



Guaranteed Pest Solutions LLC is a part of K-9 Sweeps LLC, the #1 local bed bug expert, located within Clark County, Las Vegas, NV. Effective service with guaranteed extermination services are delivered throughout the area including Las Vegas, N. Las Vegas, NW Las Vegas, Summerlin, South Summerlin, Green Valley, East Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Strip, Boulder City, Henderson and beyond.We absolutely love what we do and look forward to protecting you from unwanted pest and rodent invasions. Our programs work – we guarantee it.


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