"I do have receipts from the other two companies which I have sent in Airbnb. It is James and I who still felt unsure and had questions about the incident and safety of the unit. So we started our search for one more company to come out. We took our guests complaint very seriously. We still had many questions and concerns after inspection by the two previous companies. This is our business. From the initial conversation and questions put to Karen, to the thorough and professional handling of the inspection, we now have peace of mind that we are on the right track. The first thing I told James was, "If ever need a pest control company in the future, our first and only call will be to Guaranteed Pest Control."
Arlene - 10/21/17

"Use K-9 Sweeps. I called them first back in February but then my apartment office at my complex said I had to use the complex pest control company. I was charged $250.00 for spraying, yes just spraying!! Outrageous. I should have realized then that if I was paying I had a choice. All the bug guy did was make me throw out my couch, move all of my furniture away from the walls, empty dressers and closets, wash, dry & bag everything and put it on the porch. It's a 3 bedroom apartment and it was a ton of work. Then I had to do it all again 2 weeks later. The guy even said putting the stuff in bags in the sun will kill the bed bugs...NOT! Needless to say I still had bed bugs and spent $250 for basically nothing. So, I called K-9 Sweeps again in early April, they came out and did the inspection and started treatment that week. After 2 elimination treatments by K9 Sweeps i had ZERO bed bug sightings, ZERO bites on any of us and was able to sleep peacefully again."

"I just received a follow up call three months later and told them still ZERO bed bugs! Call them first, like their reviews state, they really do know what they are doings and they do care. They are worth every penny, and they weren't even expensive. Glad to see there are reputable companies in Vegas that aren't out for a quick buck. Thanks again,"
JP. - 7/20/15

"I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you did to help me through all of the problems and treating my unit as fast as you could! I really do appreciate all of you guys for taking the time you took on my situation and having the patience to deal with everything you may have went through. I would have wound up mentally insane if it wasn't for you guys being able to treat my unit and my landlords accepting to make the payment and honestly listening to you guys! As of today, I still haven't seen any living activity of any bed bugs-insects-spiders since coming back into the treated unit! I'm super ecstatic and love knowing I can sleep in peace and in the comforts in my own home. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders when I came back into my house and inside my unit it smelt cleaner and having a sanitized feeling unlike before. You guys are miracle workers and just wanted to thank you!"
Casey S. – 5/11/15

"I wanted to thank you all for such a positive experience…the situation was difficult for the individuals living in the home and the staff who work here but your kindness and helpfulness kept me calm and able to deal with the other factors involved. I appreciate you more than you know."
Teresa - 2/13/15

"I have nothing but 5 STARS for this company. The owner, Joe and his office staff, Karen are the BEST. Getting bed bugs was one of the most tramatic experiences I have ever had. I felt dirty and they made me crazy-hence the saying crazy as a bed bug. I seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Joe came out and looked at my house, thoroughly going through my home and giving me detailed information. They continued to be available during the entire process. They were always there to calm my fears and talk me down from the ledge. After my home was treated, Joe came back numerous times during my warranty period to check my home. He didnt find anything but came and calmed my fears. This is the company that I would recommend to anyone having to endure this nightmare. They are the BEST!! Do what they say and you will be bug free and onto your normal life shortly, although I am not sure I will ever forgot the nightmare."
Christine M. - 12/18/14

"If you're at this website reading the reviews like I was several months ago, most likely you're Not just trolling around the internet- you think you might have Bedbugs. Do yourself and everyone else in the city a favor- call Joe and Karen at K-9 Sweeps. If you don't have bedbugs, Joe will let you know. If you do have them, K-9 SWEEPS WILL TAKE CARE OF THE BEDBUGS. Period. Oh, and they're the most knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate, patient, professional, and prompt people I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with- of any company under any circumstance. They practically held my hand for weeks on end. Do as they say and do as they do, and your troubles will soon be over. Today- many, many months later, far past the finish date of their awesome warranty- not a bedbug in site. I am sooo grateful to you both- thank you!!! "
S.B. – 2/25/14

"I'm going to keep it short, when we had our bed bug problem it was the most disturbing experience of my life and I mean that, out of all the situations I've been thru, having bed bugs was truly a nightmare. We had tried many other solutions from different pest control companies to home remedies but none of them put a dent in the problem, so after doing some research online I found K-9 Sweeps and the single reason why I chose to go ahead with the treatment was solely because of the reviews that I read online on how awesome this company is. I am another testimony on how this company has great customer service skills, and excellent work ethic, with great understanding of how stressful having bed bugs is and being so knowledgeable in knowing how to handle the pest. After they did the treatment it took a few weeks but ever since NO BED BUGS for my family and I. We are truly thankful to the staff of K-9 Sweeps, even though we are mentally scarred for life because of the critters, K-9 Sweeps helped me get my sleep back. Their service is worth every cent, you get what you pay for. Thank You."
Mike H. – 10/7/13

"As like most people we were ashamed that we had a bed bug problem. Aside from K 9 Sweeps I had one other company come out and perform and inspection, by far the inspection Joe did was leaps and bounds above the other company. I also, called two other companies that provided quotes over the phone - 2 company's would only do whole house treatments and the other would do specific room treatment but strongly suggest whole house and the warranty was only 30 days. Our treatment was over 3 months ago and I still receive inquiries from K9 asking if we are still bed bug free. It was A LOT of work to get the two rooms ready for the treatment but it was worth it. Karen in the office is extremely friendly and customer service oriented, Joe was very professional and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend K 9 Sweeps to anyone with a bed bug problem. The key is to follow the instructions - don't take short cuts!"
C. Schmitt – 9/16/13

"When we discovered that we had bedbugs, we contacted K-9 Sweeps. They  responded immediately and inspected our bedroom. Joe thoroughly examined every minute area and treated the room completely.  The office was in contact with us for several weeks for follow ups and they returned at the allotted times. They were very professional and helpful. We highly recommend K-9 Sweeps."
The K's - 9/22/13

"Thanks for following up again. We keep checking and we've had no signs of any bed bugs! You guys ROCK!"
-Thanks, C – 9/11/13

"I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  I just started back at work, so things have been super busy!  Luckily, we have not noticed any more bites/rash marks on our baby for almost a week.  Such a relief!!  We really appreciate everything you have done for us!  You have been absolutely amazing!  If the rash comes back, we will definitely let you know.  However, with your knowledge and after your inspection and the guidance you gave us we think that it was not bed bugs most likely some type of rash and probably not even pest related.  Again, we appreciate you guys so much!  Have a wonderful week! "
-Sincerely, BP – 8/26/13

"Thank you so much for following up with me. We have put metal frames and BB cups under frame legs and there is no bug activity what so ever. I'm so glad we do not have bed bugs. Joe was so wonderful and explained everything to us that I had total peace of mind after he left. You guys are wonderful, I hope I never need your services but If we ever so I'm thankful that your company is in town. I will keep your info in case any friend needs your service. Thank you again for being so understanding and helpful."
-DH – 7/26/13

"Thank you for getting back with me and for everything you have done for us. We are truly grateful for all your work (including all the extra work that was not charged) and for taking such good care of my parents and their home. I really appreciate that all this could be done despite the distance for me."
-Thanks so much! Emi D. – 12/15/12

"I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all your help! You were absolutely remarkable in your possession of knowledge, development, implementation as well as direction! I can't begin to tell you how much I truly appreciate all that you've done. Even though this was an unpleasant and uninvited situation, it was definitely a pleasure working with you. I have not experienced such professionalism in a very long time. Should any friends or family require your services, I will gladly recommend your company! Thanks again!! You guys are Wonderful!"
-Sincerely, Mary S. – 9/27/12

"I just want to thank you again for checking out my picture of the suspected bed bug I found while changing my sheets. I called your representative and she asked if I had taken a picture. I did, so sent her my specimen. She agreed to call me back after it was looked at. Luckily for me it turned out to be a carpet beetle! She also emailed me back all the information about bed bugs and pictures of carpet beetles. I highly recommend this group of people."
-Linda, 9/10/12

"As you must know having bedbugs was a nightmare come true! K-9 Sweeps is a very professionally owned/operated business. Joe worked diligently and efficiently at ridding our home of bed bugs. He was kind and patient with us. (I'm sure it felt like I asked 1,000 questions) He really has amazing knowledge about all aspects of bed bug removal and prevention! The office was awesome, on the other end of the phone, at helping me with the mental and emotional aspect. I never waited longer than 10 minutes for a return phone call. It may not sound like a big deal but it was to me. My family was going through a very traumatizing ordeal and the staff was always there to ease my mind! Their pricing was awesome as well! I am happy to say the bugs were all gone in less than two months. It has been six months. I waited to post this review until now because I felt like it would have more impact at the six month mark. I highly recommend using K-9 Sweeps!"
-Mary T., 9/7/12

"I moved some family members in my house and after approximately one month, it was discovered that bed bugs were in the room they were staying in. They had infested the entire room and furniture. I initially wasted $400 with another company and had thrown out the entire bed room furniture as well as my furniture in my bonus room because the bed bugs had traveled out there. I discovered K-9 Sweeps at work while on the internet, they were and are a true blessing. The treatment and knowledge they provided were priceless. Karen stayed in constant contact without me calling. The psychological effect that these bugs can have on you is indescribable. Whenever I had questions, and I had a lot of questions, Karen and Joe were always there when I called. It's been about 1 month without any problems. I can say with confidence that if you ever have bed bugs don't waste your time or money with anyone else, call K-9 Sweeps."
-Don, 12/26/11

"Joe and Sarah are professional, and following the recommended treatment the problem was eliminated in one day. Thank you! Have a wonderful day."
-Shawn Wallize, 12/14/11

"What is the worst thing that can happen to an 80 year old couple? BED BUGS! Aaaaack! My poor parents had a problem with bed bugs and desperately needed someone to help. The folks (and dog!) at K9 Sweeps came to our rescue! Both Joe and his office staff were unbelievably nice and so easy to work with…. You don't find service like that in Las Vegas. Thank you! "
-Kim Simon, 10/5/11

"An absolute great company to do business with. My son experienced an episode of bedbugs in his room and we called K9 Sweeps to help eradicate the bugs. Joe came out as scheduled and did a thorough inspection, gave advice on what we should do and then followed with a detailed treatment plan. Coupled with Joe’s experience, expertise and caring in the field and Karen’s handling of the customer service details, they both made my son and I feel totally comfortable with the treatment plan. They kept in constant contact after the initial treatment and performed several follow up inspections. I didn’t have to contact them, they contacted me. My son was more at ease knowing that K9 Sweeps was on top of the situation. It has been 2 months since initial treatment and luckily we are bedbug free. I would highly recommend K9 Sweeps to anyone that unfortunately experiences bed bugs."
-H.W., 5/24/11

"If you are having problems with Bed Bugs you need to call K-9 Sweeps! Everything about them is absolutely wonderful. After we realized we had them, we called K-9 Sweeps and in a matter of a couple weeks it was totally taken care of! Karen and Joe are so amazing to work with because they honestly care and understand your problem. They have great 24 hr. customer service, and were extremely efficient in answering all of the 100 questions I had. It is wonderful that there are people out there like them to assist during a frustrating time! Thank you Joe and Karen! "
-Maria, 5/19/11

"Loved the service that you provided my family with. I was 8 months, almost 9 months pregnant when the discovery of bed bugs was found in my home. I immediately called a pest control company that I paid a lot of money to get rid of the bugs. After a month, the treatment failed to do what we were told it would do. I then searched the internet and found K9. Joe came out the next morning and confirmed that bed bug eggs were in my bedroom. He set up treatment for my home and I followed suit. The same day of the treatment I went into labor. When I came home from the hospital with the baby, the next day Joe brought Sara back through to sniff any left behing buggers. They were not found. Even though my family still slept on the couch for 7 weeks after due to mental scars, we eventually went back to the bed. We had 1 scare which ended up being an allergic reaction to the left behind chemical from the previous company, Joe still came out and checked for our sanity sake. We are now all comfortable. Imagine sleeping on the sofa with a newborn, husband on a chair and ottamon, and my daughter on the love seat for that long. Thanks Joe for helping my family. Your wisdom, professionalism, and knowledge is much appreciated. We will be forever indebted. "
-DS, Las Vegas - 4/1/11

"Finding bedbugs is a miserable, humiliating experience. K-9 Sweeps helps you overcome the stigma, embarrassment and psychological damage you suffer and as Sara sniffs out the hard to eradicate creatures, Joe applies his considerable intelligence to helping you get rid of them forever. Moreover, Joe returns to make certain they are completely gone.  We continue to follow his instructions and more than a year later, we are still bedbug free." -Ann

"Fear & Anxiety = Knowledge is Power!
Thanks Karen, that was a good write-up on conquering fear and helping others. Here is one I like also. http://stress.about.com/od/fearandstres1/a/anxiety.htm A really good self help book for anxiety is the 2005 edition of Anxiety, Phobias and Panic by Reneau Z. Peurifoy. You are right that I am educating myself as an aid to never having this problem and finding it early if I ever did. However, You get most of the credit for that education and for helping me find GOOD information and balance. I really can’t express how much talking to you has meant to me. Reading the blogs and getting bad information was the major cause of my being excessively worried about visitors coming here after a stay at a Vegas hotel. Thank goodness, my worries proved unfounded. You helped me so much, Thanks again, Donna"

"This company is VERY reputable!! I have to state what a pleasure it was doing business with K-9 Sweeps. Joe & Karen are both so professional & helpful I can’t begin to tell you. It is nice doing business with HONEST people. I found them in the yellow pages, checked the website & the Better Business Bureau website. Joe came out the same day on 7-4-10 a holiday. He confirmed my problem in my son’s room and we acted. As of today 11-21-10 I am bed bug free thanks to his knowledge, handwork and communication. We worked our bottoms off too and have been successfull. They also honestly care about the mental state you go through and are there to help with that also. Thank you Joe & K." - R&R - Nov 21, 2010

"They are honest and really do follow through I called 3 companies to find out how much it would be to eliminate bed bugs for my daughters house. I got 3 totally different prices and answers on how it would be done. I also asked for references. K-9 Sweeps was the only one who was able to answer all of my questions and then some. They did a detailed interview over the phone and then came to the house to give a quote. I chose to go with K-9 Sweeps. Joe (the owner) knows everything about bed bugs and finding and getting rid of them. He explains the entire process and what needs to be done. I seriously recommend using K-9 Sweeps if you have bed bug problems. They are honest and good. They didn't just do the job, take my money and leave, they actually cared and followed up to see how things were going. You won't regret hiring them. " - A concerned Mom who’s daughter had bed bugs, September 12, 2010

"I just wanted to thank Joe and everyone at K9 Sweeps for the rapid response to our situation." - Thank you by LD - 08/01/2010

"Had my monthly company come a spray my house because we had found bedbugs. Then we were still getting bitten after a month. I hired the bedbug dog to look for bugs in my house. This dog found them when the other company said the spray would kill them the first time. We are now using K-9 Sweeps. My usual service company didn't offer any guarantee, go figure."
- Las Vegas Resident, June 13, 1010

"I manage a property management company in Las Vegas and I refer my customers to K-9 Sweeps for inspections. Doing so allows the owners to be aware of any potential bed bug infestation prior to having a new tenant move in. There are a lot of bed bug issues and litigation, and being proactive is one way to help protect your name and your client's name and reputation. "- Las Vegas Property Management Co., May 27, 2010

"Got rid of my bed bug problem and taught me so much I never new."- Marcia, May 18, 2010

"4th Company I called - they found the bed bugs! I called 4 companies for my bug problem. The 1st gave me a quote over the phone without even coming to my house to do an inspection, yikes! The 2nd came out but couldn't find anything but said they would spray anyway. The 3rd never even showed up. I got frustrated because I had welts on me and I did internet research and thought it was bed bugs. I found K-9 Sweeps online. They came out and confirmed my suspicion that I had bed bugs and were able to show me where the bed bugs were. They gave me a plan of what needed to be done. Don't even waste your time calling a company that does not specialize in bed bugs, it will be a waste of your time and money. "
- by Bed Bug Free In Las Vegas - 05/13/2010

"Recently we discovered those un-nervering & disgusting critters in one room of our home.
We contacted K-9 Sweeps and Joe came out promptly to rid us of the buggers. He explained the process & steps thoroughly. With his assistance we followed each step exactly as explained. It does take some time, however, it is well worth the effort and time as we no longer have the problem. I would recommend K-9 Sweeps - they are wonderful and truly
know what they are doing"- Las Vegas Resident

"I'm just writing to thank Joe so much for speaking with me over the phone. I'm dealing
with a bed bug infestation and he helped me through my emotional distress. I'm going to
TRY to tackle the problem on my own and see if I can beat it. But if not, based solely on the service Joe gave me over the phone, K-9 Sweeps will be the first pest control company I call (although my fingers are crossed that I won't have to). THIS is how you run a business. Thanks again, Joe."- SH

"I purchased a used couch and after a few months I figured out that it was infested with bed bugs! I did my research on them and knew I had to have my home treated. I researched every pest control company in the Las Vegas area, decided at go with K-9 Sweeps and I'm glad I did! Joe came by my home and gave me a quote which was much less than the big pest control companies that treat a wide variety of pests gave me. K-9 Sweeps specializes in bed bug removal and Joe educated me on what I needed to do to insure 100% removal of them. Its now been a couple months since my last treatment and I haven't seen any signs of them! During my research I read that the big pest control companies don't do a good job at removing 100% of bed bugs and people have had to pay for several treatments to completely rid them from their home. K-9 Sweeps has a three month guarantee. I'm extremely glad I chose K-9 Sweeps and I highly recommend them!!" - N.Z. Las Vegas, NV

""Having bedbugs is a humiliating, horrifying experience. Joe and Sara are the best thing that can happen to you at a terrible time. Other pest control companies have a scorched-earth policy about bedbugs. They tell you to take everything out of the house before they will come to spray or apply pesticides. Sara pinpoints the location of the bedbugs and Joe applies his considerable intelligence to solving your problems. Everything is out in the open and Joe is results-oriented. He will not be satisfied until he knows your bedbugs are gone. From Joe, I have learned more about bedbugs than I ever wanted to know, but it's been useful knowledge. I will never even hire a truck or buy used furniture without asking a lot of questions." - Ann

"K-9 Sweeps came to our property and inspected our rooms with very accurate results and gave us clear documentation for treatment. There is no doubt that Sara is able to detect bedbugs. We used the service strictly for preventive measures and were amazed at the results. It now truly gives us and our guests’ peace of mind" - Customer Name kept confidential.

"Three days after returning from vacation my wife discovered red marks all over herself. The doctor said they were bed bug bites. We had never encountered such a thing. I had read an article in the paper about a dog that searched for bedbugs, which I had never heard of, so I searched the internet for information and called them. K-9 Sweeps was sympathetic, professional and very knowledgeable. They emailed us information ahead of time and were able to visit our house the very next morning. Joe was extremely knowledgeable about bed bugs, something that was new to us. Upon arrival he explained the process and was very considerate of furniture and belongings." Joe and Sara put our minds at ease... we are forever grateful." - The Jacob’s Family, LV, NV

"Thank you so much again Joe. You were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. We can't tell you how wonderful that was but, no offense, we hope there is never anything that you can do for us. Thank you again." - C.M. Las Vegas, NV

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